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Sinful Desire

Mayet Justice




Those are the things a man desires.

But what if the woman he loves wants something different?

Striving for a slice of normalcy—a tall order for the homicide cop who works ridiculous hours, and the medical examiner who spends all her time with the dead—Archer organizes a date night that consists of sloppy burritos, missing panties, and a little x-rated fun in the cab of his truck.

But what starts as a night of romance, ends with a dark twist when we stumble upon a body in the middle of City Park.

Now we have a crime to solve, an overflowing file to make sense of, and three main suspects who each have a unique claim to the victim.

What we don’t have? Is an official cause of death.

The victim’s body holds more than just secrets, but like the new face in the diner demanding more from me than just a hot coffee and polite company, the truth will only be revealed one heart-aching clue at a time.

Will we discover all the answers before the clock runs out and another life is stolen? Or will my perfect success rate in determining cause of death end at the worst possible time?

Sinful Desire is the fourth book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

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