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Sinful Summer

Mayet Justice



Summer has arrived, and the honeymoon I’ve been scheming over for months is finally here.

I’ve been married to the workaholic, medical examiner, Minka Mayet for nearly half a year already. But it took a lost bet and a metric ton of coercion to get her out of her cold office and into a bikini on the deck of a multi-million-dollar boat.

Time well spent, if you ask me.

But we wouldn’t be who we are—me, a homicide cop, and her, a doctor for the dead—if death didn’t follow us across the country.

I’ve placed my wife on a no-work, no-phone ban. All for her own health and well-being. And partially for my own gluttonous desires.
But a dead body has turned up, and poison is the weapon of choice.

Minka is determined to help.
And I… well, I’m determined to keep her naked, sated, and relaxing.

A bet got us here.
Perhaps it’s time to make another to keep her focus squarely on me.

Sinful Summer is the 12th novel in Emilia Finn's Mayet Justice series and can be read as a standalone.

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