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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Holy cow, can you believe it's Christmas day... tomorrow?!


Our gifts are under the tree, the feast has been prepared, friends are eager to catch up, and this time tomorrow, I intend for my home to be messy AF with wrapping paper, discarded crumbs, silly squeals, and wild laughter.


I know I've already told you all, but Christmas in Australia means Summer. It means meltttttting, and accidental sun tans (accidental, because here, people don't often intend to burn. The sun is dangerous, so everyone I know tries their best to run from shady patch to shady patch. And yet, the burns still come.)

Summer for my family means no school for a month and a half, a hell of a lot of watermelon and icy poles, movie afternoons in the air conditioning, and the Slip'n'Slide in the mornings.

It's sweaty and loud and chaotic... and I love every single minute of it.

Last week, I asked you all to share with me your Christmas day traditions. And as always, you came through with the goods. We all know what the Rollers do; family breakfast, gift exchange, ostracizing outsiders (sorry Reid) and then off they would go to the gym to cook breakfast for anyone who wanted to come.

I smile when I think of those barbecues, especially after Stacked Deck was formed and certain little families would attend.

Where lovers would meet. And where little girls would find their future mommies.

In your replies last week, I heard about family get togethers, and baked dinners. Gift exchanges, and silly uncles who always forget to label his gifts, so no one ever knew who got what.

It makes me feel like a part of your family when I'm told these things, and in exchange, I hope I can make you feel like a part of mine by writing and sharing my books. 

If you've read me, then you've had a meal with the Rollers. Or attended a fight. Or watched Evie stand on her hands and pay for her sassy mouth.

I hope you enjoy reading about their holidays as much as I truly enjoy writing them.


Not a whole lot!

The year is winding down, and everyone is tired after what is honestly a seriously difficult couple of years with COVID. People are working harder, but for less.

So for now, I'm slowing down, trying to soak in the goodness and magic of the holiday season, and truly, I hope you all get to do the same.

I know times are tough, this year more than ever, which is why I like to do the Holiday Giveaways (see the handy links if you don't know what those are) in hopes to bring a little extra cheer to my readers.

I also know, however, that not everyone will win, and that makes me sad.

Because of that, I'd like to give just a little bit more. 

If you go to my signed books page on my website: HERE, buy any book you'd like, and use the code HOLIDAY25 at the checkout to get a $25.00 voucher. That's a signed book, free. You just pay shipping (and the only reason you do is because I couldn't make the voucher apply to BOTH, the book AND the shipping. It has to be one or the other, so I thought a free book would be a sweeter gift.)

There are only 100 vouchers available, which brings this giveaway to value $2500, so get in fast. First in, first served.

I'll sign and ship in the coming couple weeks, and when I do, I'll send tracking details.


I hope if you get one of these, when that signed book arrives on your doorstep early in the new year, it makes you smile. 

Like I mentioned above, the Holiday giveaways are also underway.

The links are below for your convenience, which means you have a shortcut to finding them and dropping your comments.

Giveaways will be drawn soon!












The Gilded Knights series hasn't been forgotten. 

The squatter from Redeeming the Rose is now racing around, waving his arms and demanding to be heard  -- actually, that's not true at all. His head is down, his eyes shadowed, and he's pissed I'm about to drop a spotlight on him.

Sorry Bud. It is what it is.

As soon as I'm back at work full steam, I'll let you all know.

That day, we'll celebrate.


2021 WRAP UP

This year, I wrote 8 books, touching on 3 different series.

I wrote more than a million words.

I completed the Stacked Deck Series.

Started and completed Tully's Inamorata trilogy.

I began the Gilded Knights Series, and I promise there are more to come.

There have been triumphs



I didn’t finish the Rosas yet… and that’s okay.

I didn’t get to write that Christmas short story I like to gift you with either… and that’s okay too.

This year has been especially difficult for us all. For me. For you.


But here we are anyway. Unbeaten and reading this post.


Christmas is almost here.

Then 2022.


I wish us all a beautiful, magical, loving holiday season, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the new year is better than any other we’ve experienced.

I'm sending my love to you all, and a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support in these crazy times.

Happy holidays, friends. 

From my family to yours during this magical season.

Emilia xx



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