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Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud


    Jamie Kincaid is a middleweight fighter, born to fighting royalty, and a shoo-in to be the next champion in the world-class Stacked Deck tournament.

    He’s a flirt. A romantic. A little too loose with his female companions, so when his cousins casually mention he needs to let one go before he hooks another— they’re not kidding.

    But beneath his friendly ways with the female population, is a mission; Jamie is looking for his one true love.

    His mom and daddy met when they were just children. So now he has some catching up to do, and if he breaks a few hearts in his quest for love... well, he’s really sorry. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Cameron Quinn is a cynic born on the wrong side of the tracks, to the wrong family, in the wrong city, and she’s been slammed so many times in life, she knows there’s no such thing a genuine kindness.

    There’s always a catch.

    When she meets a third generation fighting champion, she’s certain it’ll end with an explosion. So why bother?

    Cam is in town for only one week. One tournament. One big payday. Then she’s gone and she can forget all about the olive-tanned fighter with the panty-melting grin and eyes that speak of happiness.

    She can do this, right?

    She won’t fall for him. She refuses. Because despite what he tells her, true love doesn’t exist.