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Animal Instincts

Gilded Knights



Thirty year old veterinarian Beckett Rosa runs a small town animal clinic. When he isn’t at his beloved home away from home, Lakeside Animal Hospital, he spends his time mixing it up and basking in the beauty of the single life.

He’s an insufferable flirt, a proud ladies man, and completely incapable of toning down his over-friendly demeanour for the sake of not making a scene, but what happens when Tabitha Lawrence—plain, smart, and in a committed relationship—applies to work at Lakeside?

Tabitha breezed through her degree and boasts a number of years experience as a vet. Not to mention, she’ll be the first to point out the graduate certificate framed and hung on her wall—with honors, of course. But when she moves to a town that requires only one vet, she settles for the far inferior position of ‘assistant’, though she holds high hopes to soon join her new boss in the examination room.

It will only be a matter of time before Beckett sees her competence and begs her to join him.


Unfortunately, Tabitha’s plans go wayward when Beckett has no interest in bringing in a new vet. Instead, his demands lean more toward coffee collection, phone answering, and social calendar organizer, and he has zero guilt that the dates he forces Tabby to schedule tend to rhyme; Jana, Lana, Drama.

Tabitha refuses to play a role in Beckett’s disastrous circus act, but when she sets out to inform him of that, more than animal instincts activate.

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