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Finding Home

Rollin On



Bobby Kincaid is an MMA fighter whose life revolves around his family and their gym. As the oldest of three boys, he’s a natural born leader, his loyalties and time already spoken for.

That all changes when a shy accountant with too much baggage and a teenage kid enters his life.

One night.

One dance.

One kiss.

Now Bobby is down for the count. . .

Too bad the girl of his dreams leaves the club with someone else.

Finding Home is a humorous, action-packed, standalone sports romance with no cliffhanger, from real-life, full-contact fighter, Emilia Finn. Join the Kincaids on a romantic adventure filled with family loyalties, fire-sparking kinships, and undeniable proof that #GirlsFightToo

Finding Victory

Rollin On



Are you ready for more Kit and Bobby?
Attempted murder. Drug deals gone wrong. Fraudulent insurance claims, and a family reunion she’ll never be invited to again, Kit Reilly’s life has been anything but calm since settling into domesticated life with Bobby Kincaid.
After almost losing her life at the hands of sadistic family – why must there always be a crazy cousin? – Kit wakes to find the freedom she used to enjoy, gone, and in its place, is a devoted boyfriend who worries so much, she’s barely afforded two-seconds of alone time.
Bobby should be training to reclaim his title belt, but instead, he’d rather follow Kit’s every move and make sure she’s comfortable and pain-free.
There is such thing as too much love.
With a wedding to plan, and a career-making (or destroying) fight Bobby needs to prepare for, the Kincaid household is too busy for secrets in the air.
But with one single earth-shattering reveal, this tight-knit family will be torn apart.

Finding Forever

Rollin On



Izzy Hart was his from the beginning of time... despite the fact her brothers would kill him for even looking at her.

Best friends since birth, Jim and Iz grew up together and knew where their futures were heading; they just didn't tell anyone else their plans, least of all each other.

Now Iz is having a baby with another man.

Was Jimmy too late to claim his one and only love?
Will Izzy find happiness - with him, or with the father of her baby?

Finding Peace

Rollin On



Tina Cooper is a young mom running from a dangerous past.
With fresh scars, broken bones, and only the clothes on their backs, she and her daughter escape from a man who’d rather kill them than let them go.

Taking refuge in a small town hidden by forest and mountains, they find themselves adopted by a loud and crazy family, and though Tina knows not to trust anyone, somehow, she and her daughter grow to love the amazing women who plant roots so deep in their hearts, it’s hard to consider running again.

They’ll run one day. They must. But today isn’t that day.

Today, she has a date with Sexy Store Guy and a bunch of lies to unravel before she trips up and puts her daughter at risk.

Finding Redemption

Rollin On



For the first fifteen years of his life, Jon sat in the fire of Hades in a bid to protect his baby sister from experiencing even a little of what he lived through.

As soon as they were old enough to escape, Jon swore his poisonous bloodline would die out with him.

There’s no chick on this planet awful enough to deserve his kind of poison.

But as though the universe isn’t yet done hurting him, Casey ‘Tink’ Irvine sashays into his life with sexy shoes and a sassy ‘tude, and for the first time ever, he wishes things could be different.

He can’t give her what she wants, what she needs , but the thought of letting her go is just as impossible.

Friends with benefits can only work for so long, but then what?

This is a story about friends. Lovers. Enemies.

Casey is all three and so much more.

Finding Hope

Rollin On



Professional fighter and undisputed champion of the world, twenty-five-year-old Jack Reilly is back for the final instalment of the Rollin On series.

Like many love stories, boy meets girl.
Girl grudgingly agrees to a date.
Boy sits through cringeworthy sex talk.
Boy and girl live happily ever after.

For Jack, those were the good old days when life was simple and his biggest hurdle was finding time to study when he’d rather train at his brother’s gym or hang out with his girlfriend.

Now Jack’s a man, and Steph is more than a freckle faced teen silenced by shyness. With championship titles to win and endorsement deals to fulfil, this power couple have their whole lives laid out ahead of them.
And it looks so promising.
Because there’s always an until.
There’s only so much pain a man can take in one lifetime.
In one single day, a chain reaction set off by another man brings Jack’s end hurtling down on the whole family.

A man at the bottom has only two choices; he can stay down and tap out, or he can get up and come out swinging.
Finding Hope is the long awaited and eagerly anticipated final chapter of the Rollin On Series.
The boy we met five books ago is finally a man.

Begin Again

Rollin on Early Years



Bryan Kincaid is the anti hero in Nelly Robertson's world.

She's on the cusp of graduation and promised to a well-to-do family.

He's absolutely not the kind of guy her daddy would want her to know, and yet, he can still be found waiting in the school parking lot every afternoon. With his no f*cks attitude about her relationship status with another man, Bryan lays his claim on her heart and body every single day for three years.

She'll say yes eventually, right?

Written in the Stars

Rollin on Early Years



Get the girl? Check!

Marry up? Check!

Make a baby or two? Check, Check!

It's not my fault I saddled my poor sweet wife with a psychotic toddler who just happened to start out at eleven pounds heavy.

It's the Kincaid genes. She knew what she was getting herself into when she gave me the yes.

Everything we have, everything we are... It was Written In The Stars

This is a companion short story that ties into the Rollin On Series. It is recommended you don't read this until you've read at least the first four books in the Rollin On Series and 'Begin Again'

Full Circle

Rollin on Early Years



Legend has it that no matter how powerful you feel, all men eventually fall.

We were put here for a reason, our lifetime is finite, so we should make our memories, love hard, love unconditionally, then create our family, because eventually our time ends and we leave nothing behind but a legacy.

Make your name mean something, and don't waste the small window of time you've been given.

Once More

Rollin on Early Years



Bryan's large hands have always made me feel small, delicate… protected. He wraps them around my hips and pulls me in close so his lips feather along the bottom of my ear.

“We can bang it out in two minutes flat," he murmurs, "the boys won’t even notice we’re gone.”

One More is a Bry and Nelly short written about a Kincaid Christmas.

Curl up on a comfy chair, grab a little cocoa, and enjoy a few minutes with the original Rollers as they celebrate the holidays

Worth Fighting For

Rollin on Early Years



‘Worth Fighting For’ is the family reunion that you never knew you needed. Through Kit and Bobby Kincaid’s eyes, we’re thrust straight back into our favorite gym to experience family life, gym life, shenanigans on the second level of Club 188, past the band, through the police station, and right around until the guys from Checkmate say hey.

Catch a glimpse of the Next Gen babies doing their thing, and get a taste of how the guys handle their girls dating.

Hint: they don’t handle it.

One-click this fun novella today and fall back into the world that hooked readers on Emilia Finn in the first place.

With All My Heart

Rollin on Early Years



Bryan Kincaid is the anti hero in Nelly Robertson's world.

She's on the cusp of graduation and promised to a well-to-do family.

He's absolutely not the kind of guy her daddy would want her to know, and yet, he can still be found waiting in the school parking lot every afternoon. With his no f*cks attitude about her relationship status with another man, Bryan lays his claim on her heart and body every single day for three years.

She'll say yes eventually, right?

WITH ALL MY HEART is a compilation of all Emilia Finn short stories, including:

  • Begin Again

  • Written In The Stars

  • Full Circle

  • One More

  • Worth Fighting For

This set is intended for Rollin On fans, and each instalment should be read in conjunction with the main series books.

Because of You




Alex Turner is the chief of police in a small town. He lives a modest life. Truth, honor, and safety are his hard and fast rules. He won’t bend them. He won’t break them. In a world where chaos reigns supreme, he’s happy with his lowly, uncomplicated lifestyle. . .until Juliette Jones enters the picture.

Jules is a successful lawyer, and heiress to the Jones family fortune. She wears red bottom heels and has an ever-expanding wardrobe of designer labels. Her and the grumpy chief have absolutely nothing in common... until they meet in the bedroom. Then all bets are off and rivalries are set aside.

Alex and Jules have the world against them, but can they overcome it all before another blonde-haired, blue-eyed, twenty-something year old woman turns up dead on Alex’s doorstep?

Because of You is a sexy whodunnit that will have you laughing on one page and swooning on the next. Scroll up to one-click this heart-thumping romantic suspense and find out what all the fuss is about.

Surviving You




I was one of the lucky ones.
I met the love of my life when I was just fourteen years old. We had all the time in the world, we were in no rush to get where we were going, and we had the world at our feet.
Those were the perfect conditions for young love to grow and thrive.

Sammy Ricardo walked into my first period science class with long limbs and awkward angles, and I knew in that instant, she’d someday be my wife.

I wasn’t wrong.

Surviving You is book 1 of the Scotch and Sammy duet.
Without You is book 2.

Without You




I left because I thought I was doing the right thing. I was falling on my sword. I thought I was saving everyone a lot of heart ache, and in exchange, I took all that ache on my own. I was supposed to be the hero, but instead I was the villain.

He hates me with every fiber of his being…

It’s been thirteen years since we last saw each other. It turns out ghosts can’t be buried.

This is a second-chance romance that no-one saw coming!

Without You is the conclusion to the Scotch and Sammy duet.

Rewriting You




I’m a mom to teenagers…
I’m also my late husband’s executioner.
He was an abusive man on the fast track to devastation. He hung me from a fancy chandelier to die.

Had my saviours driven the long way home, I wouldn’t be here today to tell my story.

It’s been a long road since then, but my children and I have finally moved back to town.
It’s time to lay some ghosts to bed.
It’s time to truly thank my heroes.
It’s time to start living again.
My name is Lindsi Conner, and it’s time to rewrite my story.
Cocky? Check!
Handsome? Double check!
Free spirited and loving it? Check, check, check.
My name is Oscar Franks – Deputy Oscar Franks – and I love my life exactly the way it is.
I’m thirty-six years old and single by choice. I don’t need complications in my life.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself, anyway. That was until she came to town.

Always You




What does any self respecting socialite do when she finds her husband screwing his secretary on HER dining room table?

She gets petty revenge a'la Louisville Slugger, then she runs home and pretends her whole life isn’t in tatters.

But when this princess can no longer pretend, she pulls on her big girl panties, slips out of her Louboutins and into her Nikes and gets a job for the first time in her life.


Fifteen years ago, Marc was the poor kid who didn’t have two coins to rub together.
He was working hard to earn his keep, and as a side benefit, was serving the prettiest princess at the local country club while she shot glares at his back - it didn't matter to him whether they were death glares or gazes of adoration, she watched him walk away.
She watched every time.

Now Marc and Meg are grown, and she's the one wearing an apron and serving up meals.

Oh how the tables have turned.

What’s a bowl of poisoned soup between friends? She wouldn’t actually kill him.

They’re just empty threats... right?

Always You is Book 1 in the Marc and Meg Duet and is not a standalone.

Take a Chance On Me




*This is part 2 of the Marc and Meg Duet. It cannot be read as a standalone.

Pawns in the Bishop's Game




Kane Bishop is a professional enforcer, smuggler, all-around law breaker, and the latest resident of a tiny town hidden by mountains and forest.

His job is to keep his kingpin boss safe and off the local law enforcement's radar.

But when Jessica Lenaghan steps into Kane's world, his protective instincts take a wild one-eighty and his focus shifts to someone other than the man he works for.

Jess is months away from sitting the bar exam, but she has a point to prove: she doesn't always have to be the good, dependable girl in the family.

But dipping her toes into Kane's world turns into something she never anticipated.

When drugs, guns, and wh*res are involved, all bets are off.

Pawns In The Bishop's Game is book 1 in The Checkmate Series, and can be read as a complete Standalone.

This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to readers. Includes drug use, sexual assault, and violent scenes.

Till the Sun Dies




When the most important person in your world is hurt, a man learns who he is right down at the core.
Will he protect her?
Can he do what needs to be done to make it better?
Is he willing to take it as far as it needs to go, or is he a p*ssy that talks a big game but has no guts?
And if he chooses the second, then did he truly love her at all?
The answer is no, because a man that loves with his whole heart won’t be stopped. There is no line. There’s no ‘too far’.
There’s just her.
And her pain is his responsibility to fix, even if she’ll never know it was he who stepped in.

Till The Sun Dies is book 2 in the Checkmate Series and includes dark topics. Reader discretion is advised

Castling the Rook




Junior, baby-faced, rookie – Riley Cruz has heard it all. The youngest police recruit in town, Riley is thirty-one years old, but is constantly overlooked because of his youthful features and habit to keep his mouth shut when everyone else is loud.

But not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is as innocent as they appear.

Recruited by big players in the law enforcement world and reluctantly thrust onto a team of agents that skirt the edge of what is legal, the innocent cop has to straddle a line between cops and agents, right and wrong, and might possess the darkest secrets of them all.

Riley’s had his eyes on a certain raven-haired beauty since day one, but Andi Conner is a wild horse, apt to run at any moment, and scared of anything that requires more commitment than a one-night-stand.

Riley has to juggle each portion of his life – cops, agents, Andi – and keep them all separate, but when it all blows up, he might just lose everything.

Castling The Rook is part of a duet featuring Andi Conner and Riley Cruz. This is part one. Part two is titled Playing For Keeps.

Playing for Keeps




Everything we do, from brushing our teeth in the morning, until we climb into bed at night, is a series of choices. Sometimes we make bad choices, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re made under duress, and sometimes they’re the lesser of two evils kind.

Sometimes there’s no choice at all, but you’re still forced to do something , because the world refuses to slow for you.

And sometimes, the one perfect choice stands right in front of you in a cop’s uniform and he asks you to feel what he feels.

But if you're proud like me, even when you know the right choice, the wrong words slide off your tongue and begin a chain reaction that can't ever be undone.

Playing For Keeps is the conclusion to a Checkmate duet featuring Andi Conner and Riley Cruz.

The first part is titled Castling The Rook and should be read first.

Rise of the King




Eighteen months ago, my world was tossed upside down amid horrified screams and merciless hellfire. I was thrown into the flames to burn alive, but now I stand on the other side, invincible, untouchable, and un-f*cking-beatable.

Today, the ID in my wallet says John D. Hamilton. It’s the name I go by, the name the beautiful brunette sitting alone in Ginnie’s diner knows me as.

I was an undercover cop, once. A decorated agent who slid from my throne and descended into a world of pain and darkness.

Then came Sophia Solomon, the light in my dark, the miracle who walks past my door and lends a little warmth in the dead of winter.

Sophia‘s beauty steals the breath from my lungs. She draws me in just by existing, but she doesn’t know my secrets.

I wasn’t born with the first name John, but then again, I wasn’t born a cocaine addict either, but here we are and both are true.

Now I’m on a mission to find the man that had me killed.

Rise Of The King is a Checkmate Series suspenseful romance. It’s a compete standalone and has no cliffhanger. New readers can start here. But beware, not everything is as it seems.

Sacrifice the Knight




Katrina Blair is a single mom to a daredevil teen, which means she has no time for fruitless endeavours such as dating.

Why? Because men are all the same: liars, thieves, and unreliable a**holes.

Pregnant at fifteen and deserted by the father long before their son was born, Katrina learned her lessons early in life and has built an impenetrable wall that keeps the weak away.

But Eric DeWhit isn’t weak, and he’s been lingering on Katrina’s side of the diner an awful lot lately.

Eric’s former life as an undercover agent is not open for discussion, so he chooses lame jokes instead, and lets them flow as regularly as Katrina’s coffee pot. Her sneaking glances under lowered lashes assures him that she’s attracted too, but every time he asks for anything more than a burger and fries, he’s shot down with a stern “No.”

Katrina is set in her ways and insists on maintaining the strict rules that have gotten her through fifteen hard years, but she’s about to find out there’s an exception to every rule, and Eric might be hers.

Winner takes All




Spencer Serrano is seven feet of f*cked up. He’s crude, flirtatious, and far more dangerous than his stupid jokes imply.

Abigail Rosa lives her life inside a bubble, placed there by those who love her, kept there by the respect she has for them. She knows they mean well, but the day Spence visits her shop with his filthy mouth and lack of manners, is the day her world is flipped upside down.

Abigail isn’t inclined to give the giant jerk a minute of her time, but he’s determined to conquer her in every way.

Just as he’s beginning to make progress, Checkmate alarms are raised.


Spence only plays games he knows he’ll win, but this one might be unwinnable.
Together, they must fight for life—for a future.

The loser will end up alone. But the Winner Takes All.

This is a Checkmate Series standalone with laugh out loud funnies, fan your face chemistry, ugly cry emotions, all of the side cast we’ve grown to crave, and of course, the danger that we love to hate.

Jump back into the rich and colourful world that Emilia creates, and fall in love all over again..





Bishop men are nothing but a plague on this planet, a disease that needs eradication before it spreads.

They’re murderers. Liars. Thieves.

The day I met Colum Bishop, I thought my life was finally turning around. I was led to believe he would be our saviour. He was supposed to be our hero, a long awaited reprieve from the hardships life insisted on throwing at my mom and me. But in reality, he was the beginning of the very end.

Instead of accepting us, he destroyed us.
Instead of saving us, he had us murdered.

But before my final moments, I met a girl. My only ally in a savage war that would eventually end my life.
Elizabeth Tate was the first and last thought that passed through my mind as I lay in an alleyway and finally closed my eyes.

It’s ironic, really, that my name is Gunner Bishop. That makes me his heir, I suppose. But the Bishop kingdom is nothing to aspire toward.

I was born to be great, but my name makes it impossible.

I was born to lead, but my father made sure I wouldn’t grow to lead him.

I have just two more Bishops to take care of, and then I can rest knowing my mother’s death wasn’t in vain.

From a child in alleyway, I must shed and eradicate the filth my name implies, then I’ll emerge amongst the flames and rule the empire I was destined to lead.

I truly hope Libby’s loyalties are not with the man she calls Uncle.

Checkmate is the 8th and final instalment in the Checkmate Series.
Please note, reader discretion is advised. Book includes scenes of violence and sexual assault.


Stacked Deck



My name is Ben Conner. I’m a pro fighter, the son of a murderous wifebeater, overprotective big brother, and Evelyn Kincaid’s best friend.

I’ve known Evie since we were kids. I loathed her on first sight, and picked on her as often as she picked on me, but somewhere around my fifteenth birthday, my dislike was replaced with something else. It was foreign and new, potent and exciting.

Now Evie is the woman I’d die for. The friend I would kill for.

Evie may be strong enough to fight her own battles, but she’s wild, and too spontaneous for her own safety, so I’m going to be right here, protecting her six, cleaning up her crazy, and praying she gets on board when I tell her I’ve loved her for years.

My five-year plan has been put in place, my claim has been made, but I could lose more than a round in the octagon when another fighter enters a competition he was never invited to.

What I feel for Evie was never up for negotiation, but she’s always been my wildcard.

From the author of the best selling Rollin On Series, comes this roller coaster love story that will make you sigh, scream, melt, and giggle; all on the same page. Scroll up and get your copy now and find out what all the fuss is about.


Stacked Deck



She was everything Ben ever wanted. But time, distance, and jealousy made it impossible.

Now they’re adults, Evie is back in town after college graduation, and Ben never once let go of what he knew was meant to be.

Back together in the gym where it all began, Ben and Evie train hard and create sparks that will either start a brand new blaze, or an out of control wildfire that destroys everything in its path.

Preparing for the biggest fights of their lives, training to ensure they’re the best, and rekindling something hot and destined takes a lot of work, but this couple is in it to win.

Failure is not an option.

Strap in for what early readers are dubbing “original, Emilia Finn sports romance perfection." Get ready for this adrenaline rush, fast paced race to the finals of the first ever Stacked Deck tournament.

Game of Hearts

Stacked Deck



Lucy “Bean” Kincaid is the quiet one. 

The sweet one who never creates waves in her already crazy family. 

She’s the second born of her generation, a skilled fighter, a dancing angel, and as selfless as it’s possible to be. 

When Mac Blair’s heart gave out seven years ago and he became the recipient of a very special transplant, Lucy changed her life to make sure her best friend’s would be as smooth as possible. 

Perhaps, if she never knew Mac, her college degree would lean toward the very thing that speaks to her soul. 

But that’s not her reality. 

Now Lucy is just a year out from graduation, she’s set to become a nurse, and when she’s not in class, she’s intent on making Mac see her as a woman, and not some kind of ornament made only to look pretty and sit upon a shelf. 

How many times must she shake her backside in his face before he takes a hint - and a bite?

Game of Hearts is a friends to lovers, steaming-hot tug of war between what Mac thinks is right, and what he so desperately wants to taste. 

It’s time Lucy stopped being the quiet one in the family.

Full House

Stacked Deck



Miles “Iowa” Walker is a fighter on a mission.

He’s determined to win this year’s Stacked Deck tournament. He plans to get his six-year-old daughter out of a bad situation. And if there’s any time and money leftover, he’d love to take her out for ice cream without worrying about the cost or deadly consequences.

Miles and his daughter have known only what it’s like to struggle. So when his famous fighting hero pulls him aside and offers him the deal of a lifetime, it would be stupid to turn him down.

A new town. A new life. A new adventure.

Miles and Alyssa are on their way, and they’re ready for the rest of their lives to begin.


Brooklyn Kincaid is a dreamer. A romantic. A hopeless optimist. And to make things more complicated, has the potent, high octane, zero-room-for-compromise Kincaid blood running through her veins.

Just like her daddy, and his daddy before him, Brooke knows who her heart yearns for. So when someone threatens those she considers family, she’s the first to tie her hair back and go to war for those that hold her heart.

Full House is a high energy read that’ll have readers swooning on one page, wanting to hug a beautiful 6 year old on the next, only to flip to another and find their kindles on fire from the heat this couple creates.

Strap in and prepare for another Stacked Deck rollercoaster.

No Limits

Stacked Deck



He’s the guy you wear a hazmat suit around... while carrying a long range cattle prod to enforce a little distance.

Add a Clorox bath to those precautions, toss a little salt over your shoulder, and a girl could probably walk away from his bed without contracting a nasty case of the clap.

Well, that’s the word on the street according to my best friend - aka: Bryan’s former lover, and current scorned woman.

Despite this being a small town, I’ve never met the guy. However, his reputation precedes him, and I know for a fact he’d love to add my name to his long list of conquests.

I would be the perfect trophy for the competitive fighter.

I could give in to temptation - because, let’s face it, he’s sexy, dangerous, and exudes confidence - but going there would land me in a world of trouble from those closest to me.
To bag a Kincaid is the ultimate no-no in my family. But if I break girl-code, I might just find out what makes this brooding, quick-witted stranger tick.

Am I ready to play with no limits?
If I don’t play, I won’t win, but it would be foolish of me to think he’ll be as easy as he thinks I am.

Two families. Two grudges. One winner.

Game on.


Stacked Deck



Tucker Morris - affectionately known by his most annoying friends as Chuck Norris - is a lover, not a fighter.

He’s a charmer, with a fast tongue and equal wit. Mechanic by day, motorcycle racer by night, Tucker is magic with his hands, and makes a hobby out of sliding filthy innuendo into as many conversations as he possibly can.

His easygoing manner means he’s able to meet a woman between the sheets, have his fun, then let her go.

It’s a catch and release system he’s enjoyed for years.

But that’s all about to change.

A chance meeting, a savage dog attack, a loaded gun or two, and a whole heap of bad attitude, sees Tucker meeting the one woman he can’t quite find it in his heart to release.

Nora is damaged goods. She’s quiet, undemanding, and enjoys the exclusive company of her Great Dane, a bar of chocolate, and Netflix reruns. Past trauma and the brutal murder of her big sister means Nora doesn’t trust men, especially not the kind she finds in the dark. So what happens when Tucker refuses to step aside and leave her be?

The handsome stranger terrifies her, and yet, Tucker is terrified that if she doesn’t give him a second glance, they might miss out on something special.

BLUFF is a fast paced ride through the backstreets of our favorite town on a beat up motorcycle. This newest instalment in the bestselling Stacked Deck series is heart wrenching, healing, and shows that former monsters can become present day heroes.

But first, Tucker needs to call Nora’s bluff and get her to trust. If only once.

Seven Card Stud

Stacked Deck



Jamie Kincaid is a middleweight fighter, born to fighting royalty, and a shoo-in to be the next champion in the world-class Stacked Deck tournament.

He’s a flirt. A romantic. A little too loose with his female companions, so when his cousins casually mention he needs to let one go before he hooks another— they’re not kidding.

But beneath his friendly ways with the female population, is a mission; Jamie is looking for his one true love.

His mom and daddy met when they were just children. So now he has some catching up to do, and if he breaks a few hearts in his quest for love... well, he’s really sorry. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Cameron Quinn is a cynic born on the wrong side of the tracks, to the wrong family, in the wrong city, and she’s been slammed so many times in life, she knows there’s no such thing a genuine kindness.

There’s always a catch.

When she meets a third generation fighting champion, she’s certain it’ll end with an explosion. So why bother?

Cam is in town for only one week. One tournament. One big payday. Then she’s gone and she can forget all about the olive-tanned fighter with the panty-melting grin and eyes that speak of happiness.

She can do this, right?

She won’t fall for him. She refuses. Because despite what he tells her, true love doesn’t exist.

Crazy Eights

Stacked Deck



They say he’s a murderer - so she ran.
I say she’s mine - so I must follow.

Even knowing the inevitable pain that’s coming straight for me, I’ll continue to search, to wish, and when I eventually find her, continue to kiss her.

Because when a Kincaid knows, he knows.


Crazy Eights is the conclusion to Jamie and Cam's story.


Stacked Deck



William Quinn was labeled a killer years ago. The accusations were false... until now. Forced to choose between an innocent and a monster, he made a quick decision. Now he’s running from the law, leaving behind the woman he’d kill for.

Olivia Conner is a princess in every meaning of the word. Protected by militant security, world champion fighters, law enforcement, and a murderous mother willing to do anything to keep her children safe, Livi's pedestal is far too high for Will to reach... or so she’d like everyone to think.

Will has been gone a long time, but some temptations prove too much. And even knowing it won’t end well won’t stop him, because cockiness is his crown, and he wears it like a king.

ELEUSIS is a story full of secrets, murder, innocence, and craving the one thing you can’t have. Dive into this action-packed star-crossed romance today, and fall head over heels in love with someone you really shouldn’t.


Stacked Deck



They call us the devil twins - a fallacy and unfair assumption on everyone’s part.
Well... mostly.
My name is Luke Hart, and I’m the oldest of identical twin boys. Although I may be responsible for the ‘devil’ in our name, I have no urge to set the record straight and exonerate the innocent half of our pairing.
There’s no point letting the truth get in the way of a good story.
Not so.
Turns out, a judge can get twitchy when you arrive at court with a ‘can’t touch this’ attitude.
Despite my mom’s best efforts, I’ve been served a tidy little sentence that I’ll have to do behind bars, unless I complete my community service and satisfy court orders.
I have until Christmas to finish, but if I fail, I’ll be spending the holidays avoiding the mistletoe in the shared showers in lockup.
It all sounds so easy. So straightforward.
Do the hours, avoid jail.
That is, until Allyson Moore walks in.
Now court orders are the furthest thing from my mind, and decades long family friendships go completely ignored, because I can’t stop looking at Ally’s enchanting green eyes, or her dark red hair the colour of Snow White’s poisoned apple.
The temptation to take a bite is simply too much.
Ally is a rule follower. A goodie-goodie who refuses to bend. Which, to me, is the ultimate challenge.
I want to know what’s burning beneath the surface. I want to see her passion, her fire, her attitude. And not the professional façade she’s so good at putting up.
It’ll be a battle of the wills. My devil, versus her obsession with being perfect.
I mean, rules were made to be broken, right?
Breaking them is how I met her in the first place.


Stacked Deck



Daughter of an over protective world-champion fighter, and shielded by dozens of alpha men, Emma Kincaid was locked in an ivory tower many years ago. 

Too bad she shimmied down water pipes the moment she was old enough to do so. Coercing with the devil twins is as natural as breathing to her, and getting into trouble with them is as easy as falling in love. 

For Emma, falling in love is easy—it’s a known family trait—but falling out of love may be the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do. 

Dealt a tough hand since birth, and accused of being the devil since day one, Rob Hart was punished accordingly, and watched with distrust. Any time golden girl Emma Kincaid was in his presence, she finds herself in danger. 

Or at least, that’s how her father sees it. In reality, Emma is the courter of danger, the instigator of illegal activities, and Rob is the unfortunate fall-guy who endures the punishments of Em’s misdeeds. 

It’s a small price to pay, after all, to be with his soulmate day after day. Best friends to the death, Rob and Emma know everything about each other: except where their hearts lie, and just when they decide to try something new, Rob’s past smacks into them harder than any explosion that came before.

 Rob and Emma are destined to be together, but to get their happily ever after, they must overcome a pain so few in their family know about. 

Can friends who want to be so much more see past the shards of destruction engulfing them? Or will their blooming relationship bust before it truly begins?

 BUSTED is a love story that spans two decades, two proms, three ex boyfriends, years of potential prison time, one pet food factory, and an explosion that will rock the world and change everything the Rollers have ever known.

The Fiera Princess




Over four hundred years ago, Malachai Noble’s family murdered mine.

Days ago, he personally ordered the death of my best friend, and in doing so, stole whatever future Roman DeLuca and I were tiptoeing toward.

Now I’m Malachai’s prisoner, with no way home, and nowhere to go but forward.

He’s my escort toward execution.

But I go willingly, because the moment I step on to enemy territory, I intend to avenge centuries of sins committed upon my people.

My name is Tallulah Aurelia Della Katarina King, and soon, I’m to be crowned queen of Luméa—but first, I must prove I don’t need a king.

If only the long days, and steamy nights I’ve spent with my enemy in this bloodthirsty forest weren't making me doubt myself.

The Fiera Ruins




Born a Lumea princess, not only was I taught to rule with grace and kindness, but also to front an elite army for a war that began more than four hundred years before my existence.

When the time came, I fearlessly led my soldiers into battle, but when we emerged on the other side of the deadly forest, I realised not all was as I’d been told.

Not only wasn’t Malachai Noble my enemy, but destiny has placed us together and declared us inamorata.


Together, we’re prepared to bring peace upon our world and rule with love and honor. But there are some who would prefer our silence, and they’ll stop at nothing to bury the truth.

Staying alive has become a full time job for this incoming queen, and Roman DeLuca’s declarations that I’m better off dead, than to choose wrong, means our enemies may be closer than I’m ready to admit.

The Fiera Reign




The queen has been slain, a traitor has been slaughtered, and a prophecy is determined to bring an entire kingdom to its knees.

My wife, Queen Tallulah Aurelia Della Katarina Noble, trusted her soldiers. 

She trusted me. 

But ultimately, the reign a backstabber attempted to end may perish because of my own selfish actions.

It was never supposed to go down this way. Tully and I wanted love. Marriage. Peace for our world.

We wanted to be together, selflessly for the next four hundred years.

Eventually, we would think about having children, to furthering our bloodline and ensuring the prosperity of our people.

But not like this.

Not at the cost of Tully’s life.

The witches have given us a recipe, a potion that’ll solve all my problems. And though Roman DeLuca and I could never be accused of being friendly, on this one important point, we agree:

For Tully to live, the child must die.

The Fiera Reign is the final instalment in the highly anticipated trilogy by best selling romance author, Emilia Finn.

This book is not intended to be read as a stand-alone.

Redeeming Rose

Gilded Knights



Life is about checks and balances. People hurt people, and often, they die. Even as a paramedic, I can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try.

My baby sister was a sick child. Her illnesses were the reason I chose the career I did, but her innocence and fragility also made me a man who refuses to let her live her life without my guiding hand.

My overbearing protectiveness wasn’t an issue until Nadia Reynolds pointed out my toxic ways.

Nadia is honest to a fault, independent to the point of giving me heart palpitations, and so blindingly beautiful, she tempts me to let my sister live her life so I can pursue my own happily ever after.

But to do that, I need to let go of the grievances of my past. Unfortunately, they don’t center solely around my sister’s cancer. With secrets, lies, fortunes, middle-of-the-night intruders, and meddling families abound, I’m left with only two choices: let go of the past and trust, or push on, knowing I could lose those I love the most.

Trigger Warning: The hero of this book is a medical professional, and there are mentions of traumatic injury and death due to his profession. Reader discretion is advised.

The Gilded Knights Series takes place - chronologically - after Checkmate, but before Stacked Deck. But this book and series can be read as a complete standalone.

Chasing Fire

Gilded Knights



Though he’s the youngest of five brothers, Lieutenant Nixon Rosa is the protector of his family. He isn’t afraid of the heat, and when he’s working as a small town fire fighter, he’s always the first on site, and once his crew is safe and accounted for, the last to leave.

But what happens when he meets Idalia Mazzi, the Italian beauty with too much baggage and a little boy who suffers from a traumatic past?

Idalia has a hotel to run, business to see to, and a high-needs son to care for. She has zero interest in a hotdogging fire chaser who’s quick to smile, and even quicker to tempt fate.
Idalia would rather be alone than date a man who seeks danger on a daily basis. But fate has a way of stepping in and pushing a single mom in the direction she had no clue she needed to go.

The problem is, Idalia isn't sure she can trust her heart to a man a second time, when she’s already been burned in the past.


The Gilded Knights Series follows the Rosa family; five brothers, and their baby sister, Abigail, who we met in Winner Takes All (Checkmate Series).

Animal Instincts

Gilded Knights



Thirty year old veterinarian Beckett Rosa runs a small town animal clinic. When he isn’t at his beloved home away from home, Lakeside Animal Hospital, he spends his time mixing it up and basking in the beauty of the single life.

He’s an insufferable flirt, a proud ladies man, and completely incapable of toning down his over-friendly demeanour for the sake of not making a scene, but what happens when Tabitha Lawrence—plain, smart, and in a committed relationship—applies to work at Lakeside?

Tabitha breezed through her degree and boasts a number of years experience as a vet. Not to mention, she’ll be the first to point out the graduate certificate framed and hung on her wall—with honors, of course. But when she moves to a town that requires only one vet, she settles for the far inferior position of ‘assistant’, though she holds high hopes to soon join her new boss in the examination room.

It will only be a matter of time before Beckett sees her competence and begs her to join him.


Unfortunately, Tabitha’s plans go wayward when Beckett has no interest in bringing in a new vet. Instead, his demands lean more toward coffee collection, phone answering, and social calendar organizer, and he has zero guilt that the dates he forces Tabby to schedule tend to rhyme; Jana, Lana, Drama.

Tabitha refuses to play a role in Beckett’s disastrous circus act, but when she sets out to inform him of that, more than animal instincts activate.

Pure Chemistry

Gilded Knights



I’ve never wished for a knight in shining armor before, but today might be the day I let go of that pigheadedness and accept a little help.

I’m a biochemist with a dream to cure cancer, but in my quest to save lives, I may be the reason thousands die.

My candy cane scented drug brings pain relief to the sick, and energy to those still fighting the devastating disease, but with a dangerous cartel getting their hands on my recipe, I may lose everything I love when the youth of my city begin dropping dead within hours of ingesting the new party drug being handed out in clubs.

I want to fix the problem I created, but with all my downtime hogged by the tall, dark, and dangerous Corey Rosa, and a deadly army of foot soldiers tracking me down to fix the recipe they messed up, I might have run out of time.

I’m not done spending time with Corey yet, but the choice may be taken out of our hands before either of us are ready to say goodbye.

Battle Scars

Gilded Knights



They call him Romeo—though no one would accuse him of being a romantic.

Troy ‘Romeo’ Rosa has been a mystery for years.
A mercenary used to working away and taking orders from his tutu wearing, ruthlessly savage boss.
Her domineering ways mean his most recent assignment should be a walk in the park. The last thing he expects is a family so corrupt, it may destroy Checkmate from the inside out.

Troy’s target is a mafia princess.
She’s the heiress to an empire that profits from the horrors forced upon the vulnerable.

After a carefully orchestrated attack on their home, her criminal father insists on hiring someone from outside the organization to protect his most valuable acquisition—her.
They think they’re getting a soldier, but the man who arrives for the job comes with his own agenda—bring down this empire and put an end to the damage they do to women all over the world.

If Troy’s target should prove to be too difficult: bed her.
If she gets too close to discovering Troy's true identity: put a bullet between her eyes and get out of Dodge.

But what happens when secrets are revealed that have the power to break the Checkmate family?
And worse; what the hell is Troy to do when he falls for the mafioso’s daughter?

Safe Haven

Gilded Knights



Safe Haven is the 6th and final book in the Gilded Knights series.Tyler Madden is a mystery, a sentinel passing through town and sticking to the shadows.

He’s unforgettable to those who want to know him, but he prefers the darkness, and regularly seeks anonymity.

It’s how he keeps his younger siblings safe and off the radar of those who may come looking.
Kaia and Louie are not his by law. He stole them the moment they left the womb, which means if they’re discovered by the wrong people, everything they’ve worked so hard for will come undone.

Arlo Reynolds is loud and goofy. She knows every resident in town, inserts herself in everyone’s business, and isn’t fearful of being the center of attention.

But since Tyler refuses to step outside his carefully constructed four walls and join her in the real world of lust, laughter, and a sizzling affair, she drags him out against his will.

He deserves happiness and a woman who makes his blood run hot, but could a single night with her be the reason everything is destroyed?

Join us on one last Gilded Knights adventure in this action-packed, lust-filled, sass-mouthed, tear jerker.


Lost Boys



Cole Miller is a good-for-nothing nobody who skulks around dark alleyways and makes money by boosting cars from those more fortunate than he.

He’s the unwanted child of a couple of deadbeats, so he never truly understood what family meant until he stumbled onto a treasure far more valuable than the GT he’s supposed to steal from the heavyweight world champion.

Maya Blake, on the other hand, is the daughter of high flying shark lawyers. She has a hefty trust fund coming her way, the world at her feet, and a fresh new dream job only days from starting.

Raised a good, obedient girl, Maya’s world is turned on it’s head when the mysterious newcomer takes an interest in her.

Maya and Cole couldn’t be more opposite, but what begins as a ‘job’ for Cole becomes so much more, and when Maya finds herself in danger, the protective stranger she once considered a nuisance might be the difference between life and death when his enemies come looking to settle a score.

MISTAKE is a sizzling new romance set in our favorite fighter town. Fans of Emilia Finn will get to revisit with old friends, while new readers can dive in and meet the family in this complete standalone story.


Lost Boys



Preston Danes was born and raised on the streets.
Unloved. Unwanted. And quickly discarded.

Now he’s a man on the verge of a new career when the infamous Checkmate Security offers him a job.

They want to shut down a mafia family, and they need the assistance of a skilled hacker to get the job done.

Preston knows code like others know their left hands. He’s perfect for the job.

But when he meets a woman in a packed ballroom—blonde, beautiful, electric under his touch, and delicious on his tastebuds—his objectives change, and the chase begins.

One night.
That’s all she sticks around for.

Then she disappears from his life, desperate to never be found again.

Pity she only learned a small sn

Crash & Burn

Lost Boys



Axel Feeney is the youngest firefighter in his crew, and also my boss’ brother. He’s a risk taker who carries no fear.

Or so I thought.

When one of his squad perish in the line of duty, what was once his mission to keep me safe turns into an obsession that breaks our hearts and whatever chance we had for a happily ever after.

Axel’s attempt to keep me at arm’s length is torturous, but before the dust settles, and I get a chance to collect the pieces of my shattered heart, he skips town, leaving everything and everyone he knows behind.

Move on, he says.

Date someone else.

So why, when I do precisely that, does he stroll back into town months later, angry and dangerous, and demanding a seat at the table with my date and me?

Is Axel responsible for my new beau’s burned out truck and charred house? Or is the villain in my story also the hero?


Lost Boys



I was a smokejumper for the majority of my career.
Flinging out of planes at 15,000 feet and hoping to land with my bones in tact and a plan to slay wildfire quickly, safely, and with my crew all in one piece.

Ainsley was a regular firefighter.
You know, the kind who lives in town, rides in a truck, and wields a hose to save houses and hotels.

We were a match made in adrenaline junky heaven.
Or so they said.

But fate wasn’t ready to let me have my happiness just yet, because one shitty summer day, the dragon was too hot, and Ainsley’s death would be the singular event that would leave me a broken man.

That was all awhile ago now. But the thing about tragedy is that folks have long memories and I, zero patience for sympathy or busybodies.

These days, I keep to myself. I stay in, read a book, and I absolutely do not socialize.

Unfortunately, not all events can be avoided without creating enemies, and in this town, those enemies can leave you wishing you were dead.
As a result, I find myself holed up in a dark corner of what others call a masked ball.
Identities are being hidden. Faces are covered. I expected to hate every annoying minute of this mess. But for the first time in a long time, with a mask shielding my identity, I’m able to exist without the gloom of death sitting on my shoulders.

Then she walks in. Rosy blush. Stunning gown. Curves that make my mouth water.
And just enough attitude to stand up to my bad mood.

One night.
No names.
No faces.
And no tomorrows.

What could go wrong?

Jump is the fourth book in the Lost Boys series and can be read as a complete standalone.


Lost Boys



They call me a flirt. ‘Detective Sluts-A-Lot’ when they’re feeling frisky, because my morals are loose, and my choice in women, according to the haters, is unfussy.

But they don’t know I’ve been watching her.
Waiting for her.

The problem is, she’s half my damn age, and has no business being with a man like me.



They call me clumsy.
And when they’re feeling a little dramatic, doomed.

I’m the girl who minds her own business, and still somehow ends up hanging off the side of a cliff with a busted leg and death stalking closer, all due to someone else’s bad choices.

But don’t worry. I lived. Obviously.

Three months after that unfortunate incident, I’m walking the streets of Copeland City and happen to witness a murder.
Lucky me.
Now the mafia are after me, and the only man who can keep me safe hasn’t called in months.

I jinxed myself when I said chivalry is dead.
But unless Drake Banks brings me the skulls of my enemies—like he promised—it might be me who ends up buried in a shallow grave.

JINXED is the fifth book in Emilia Finn’s sizzling Lost Boys series, and can be read as a complete standalone.
Dark themes throughout. Reader discretion is advised.

The Tallest Tower

Underbelly Enchanted



I hate Felix Malone with all my heart and soul.

He’s the second born son of a murderous don.

The newest leader of the Malone mafia family now that his father is dead. But if I could have hoped a change in management would mean a  positive shift for the notorious crime family, then I’m proven wrong as Felix quickly settles into his new role and lays scourge on New York City.

He believes he’s not as bad as the man who came before him, purely because the women he beds survive the night.

But Felix is just a different kind of evil.

All smiles and jokes, drawing women in with his god-like body and trapping them with his roguish charm and fast wit.

But I’m the one woman this devil incarnate won’t woo.

He wants my attention.

I want his head on a spike.

We’re not the same. And locking me away in the tallest tower proves he cannot be redeemed.

Felix needs to be taught a lesson. And I’m the perfect woman to bring this beast to his knees.

The Tallest Tower is a sizzling hot, close-proximity, reverse grumpy sunshine contemporary romance, and can be read as a complete standalone.

Dark themes throughout. Reader discretion is advised.

TTT - Bonus Scene

Underbelly Enchanted



Wondering how Cato reacted to the big news?

Download your bonus scene for free!

Definitely don't read this if you haven't read The Tallest Tower!


Underbelly Enchanted



He’s New York’s deadliest enforcer. But I’m the villain in this story.

Micah Malone is the son of a notoriously cruel, and thankfully dead, mafia boss.
Now he’s the organization’s enforcer, and right hand to his brother’s reign.

He’s the broadest of five boys.
The quietest.
And the deadliest.

Yet, even with his blade pressed to my throat, he’s still the only man who makes me feel alive

It’s toxic and dangerous to pursue a relationship with him.
I know better.

But Micah is like a flame, burning bright in the night. And I’m more scared of the dark, than of the monsters who hide amongst the shadows.

I won’t count on surviving the city’s most ruthless assassin. Not once he decides my time is up. But I’m confident any evening spent in his bed will be worth it.

Diamond In The Rough is the second spicy instalment in the Underbelly Enchanted series and includes dark mafia themes, groveling, on page t0rture, open door filth, touch her and... vibes, and an ending that’ll leave you breathless.

This is love in a deadly world—gritty, f0rbidden, and ultimately, with an expiry date.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.

Lost Kingdom

Underbelly Enchanted



Sinful Justice

Mayet Justice



Or seeker of justice?

The choice is yours.

I’m Minka Mayet, Copeland City’s newly appointed chief medical examiner.
My position demands I bring justice to those who can no longer fight, but my true calling is to honor the dead.
Though forced to play by the rules, I was gifted the knack for deciphering what the dead has to say, which keeps my success rate high and my unsolved cases nonexistent.

Archer Malone searches for justice too, but he comes with secrets deeper than the ocean, and an incessant need to claim me as his own.

We’re strangers. We’ve only just met.
But my first day on the job sees a particularly cruel case land on my desk that demands we work together.

Archer’s arrogant streak makes it impossible to remain objective when we’re within touching distance, but we need to work fast to find our killer, or the famed Copeland City vigilante may step in on our behalf.

Sinful Justice is the first book in a brand new standalone series by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Deed

Mayet Justice



Copeland City is being terrorized by a new killer.

He targets women in their twenties, kills them with a cowardly cocktail of drugs direct to their veins, then leaves a slew of clues for me to unearth on my medical examination table.

It’s purely coincidental that I match his victim's profiles.

If only Archer Malone, lead detective and the man currently occupying my bed, would believe the same.

Archer’s friend is dead, a woman is lost, a family destroyed, so emotions are sure to run high as we work together to bring closure to those who need it the most.

Will the scales of justice tip as we search to protect the ones we love? Or will Copeland’s own vigilante step in and take care of business on our behalf?

Sinful Deed is the second book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Truth

Mayet Justice



Paul McGregor is a treasured resident of Copeland City and a beloved friend who provides food and shelter for the city’s at-risk youths.

No one has a bad word to say about him, yet he’s found in his bed on a freezing January night.

Tortured. Dismembered. Dead.

Now he’s on my table inside the morgue, and his file has landed on Detective Malone’s desk.

Before Archer has the chance to begin his investigation, Paul’s killers walk through the front doors of the precinct and hand themselves in.

A confession usually closes a case, but instincts demand there’s more to Paul’s gruesome murder than his killers are letting on.

As my relationship with the homicide cop boils hotter than ever, and the hunt for the vigilante bubbles closer, I fear the wrath of a man unwilling to bend for love.

Is he protecting me? Or merely delaying the end?

Archer knows my secrets now. He knows everything I keep close to my heart.
But is he willing to accept me and all my flaws? Or will his loyalty to justice break us both?

Sinful Truth is the third book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Desire

Mayet Justice




Those are the things a man desires.

But what if the woman he loves wants something different?

Striving for a slice of normalcy—a tall order for the homicide cop who works ridiculous hours, and the medical examiner who spends all her time with the dead—Archer organizes a date night that consists of sloppy burritos, missing panties, and a little x-rated fun in the cab of his truck.

But what starts as a night of romance, ends with a dark twist when we stumble upon a body in the middle of City Park.

Now we have a crime to solve, an overflowing file to make sense of, and three main suspects who each have a unique claim to the victim.

What we don’t have? Is an official cause of death.

The victim’s body holds more than just secrets, but like the new face in the diner demanding more from me than just a hot coffee and polite company, the truth will only be revealed one heart-aching clue at a time.

Will we discover all the answers before the clock runs out and another life is stolen? Or will my perfect success rate in determining cause of death end at the worst possible time?

Sinful Desire is the fourth book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Deceit

Mayet Justice



History doesn’t always stay buried.
And loyalty isn’t always given freely.

It’s the winter of 1986, and Holly Wade is a blushing bride on the cusp of the perfect life with the perfect man.
I do’s are spoken. Promises are exchanged. And lifetimes are planned.

It all seems so picturesque on the outside. But just three weeks after that day, Holly’s car ends up beneath a semi truck, and her body, soon transported to the George Stanley medical examiner’s office.

Thirty-six years later, Holly’s file is dropped onto Detective Archer Malone’s desk, and her bones: on my table inside Autopsy Room One.

My husband is a homicide detective. And I, the chief medical examiner lucky enough to work by his side as we bring killers to justice and peace to victims who’ve been wronged.

But with family pulling us one way, and our careers demanding more than ever, we soon realize, something has to give.
Danger is close, and bullet wounds bring us both pain.

Can a couple newlyweds weather this kind of storm and come out stronger on the other side?

Sinful Deceit is the fifth book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Chaos

Mayet Justice



By day, I’m the chief medical examiner for Copeland City.
The rest of the time, I am a mafioso’s son’s wife.

I married a cop who was once a criminal, but despite the seriousness of our job titles, when it’s just Archer and me, we luxuriate in the newness of our marriage.
Steaming romance, sizzling touches, and secret adventures only we know about.

But now, Archer’s father is dying. He’s in his final days, and time is running out.

With a body whose organs were harvested in a shady back alley deal in one autopsy room, and a little girl in another, my time is stretched dangerously thin.

I can’t catch my breath, and I sure as hell don't know which direction to look… but it all gets so much worse when New York demands my husband's return.

Or else.

Sinful Chaos is the sixth book in a sizzling new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Promise

Mayet Justice



Sometimes cops are killers.
Doctors are hunters.
Sharpshooters are bodyguards.
And ballerinas rule them all.

That’s my life in Copeland City.

I’m Chief Medical Examiner Minka Mayet, and Archer Malone is my husband.

He’s also a homicide detective.

Together, we work hard to bring peace to the victims of violent crime, and we consider it a good day when we can stop perpetrators before they hurt again.

But what happens when a monster is released back onto the streets and the law simply won’t lock him up the traditional way?

Laramie Fentone has a new target in his sights, and no inclination to stop what he does.

He’s proud of the damage he causes to the innocent, and confident the cops won’t step in his way.

It’s been months since the Copeland City Vigilante has had to take matters into their own hands.

But today may be the day that changes.

Here’s hoping Archer doesn’t solve his new case too easily.

Sinful Promise is the seventh book in a sizzling new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Sinful Surrender

Mayet Justice



Archer Malone is my husband.

My rock hopper penguin.

He’s a homicide detective, and I… am a killer.

That one small detail has always been a thorn in our marriage.

But love does strange things to a man. And the actions once thought intolerable become bearable.

Which means, for now, I remain a free woman.

But secrets rarely stay hidden, and word tends to travel fast.

The identity of a r*pist’s killer is spreading. Now I’m left wondering if my time in Copeland City is coming to an end.

I still have work to do. Innocents to protect. And victims to find justice for. But with my freedom in question, Archer is determined to choose for us.

No matter how much I want to stay, he’s already packing our bags.

Sinful Fantasy

Mayet Justice



My name is Minka Mayet, and I’m the chief medical examiner in Copeland City.

I run a team of technicians who specialize in the dead, and I work closely with the police precinct just down the street.

Never mind the fact I went ahead and married homicide detective, Archer Malone.

This is our new normal. Wake up. Discover the dead. Investigate the crime. And go home again, with another case solved and placed behind us.

But things get a little tricky when our John Doe surfaces with no teeth, no prints, no ID, and perhaps most important of all, no eyes.

What he does have, is a murder method similar to that committed by a well known Mafia family out of New York.

The problem? That family’s name is also Malone.

Felix Malone.

Archer’s brother, to be exact.

Thanksgiving sure is going to be awkward this year.

Sinful Fantasy is the ninth book in a sizzling new suspense series written by Emilia Finn.

Sinful Memory

Mayet Justice



As a medical examiner married to a homicide cop, I’m no stranger to my phone ringing early in the morning or dead bodies being my constant companions.

It’s the deal we each signed up for. And not one I begrudge often.

To work so closely with my husband is a pleasure. To bring justice to those who’ve been wronged is my passion.

But when a new case pulls us out of bed, and the number one suspect is our beloved mayor, tensions in Copeland City take a dangerous turn.

Has my friend taken a life, silencing a woman before she could expose an affair and destroy his?

And will my husband be the one clapping cuffs on a powerful man’s wrist?

This is why I hate making friends.

Sinful Memory is the tenth standalone novel in the Mayet Justice series.

Sinful Obsession

Mayet Justice



Dead body? Got one of those.
Suspect? Yep.
Weapon? In the kitchen sink.
Means, motive, opportunity, and the vic’s blood on the accused’s hands? Confirmed.

William Alves was a 25-year-old married man and father of two, and while he was dozing in his favorite recliner, sipping a beer between commercial breaks, and his wife and daughters slept in the next room, a killer helped themselves to the Alves’ home and ended a life.

His case should be open and close.
But it all seems a little too obvious.
Too easy.
And nothing in my field of work is easy.

My name is Minka Mayet, and I’m the chief medical examiner in Copeland City.
Fortunately for me, I often land the same cases as my homicide detective husband.

I enjoy working with him.
I enjoy arguing with him more.

But what happens when we’re running a case, and yet, we come to wildly differing conclusions as to who William’s killer is?

Could this be a vigilante murder? Or is something far more sinister going on?

Sinful Obsession is the 11th novel in Emilia Finn's Mayet Justice series and can be read as a standalone.

Sinful Summer

Mayet Justice



Summer has arrived, and the honeymoon I’ve been scheming over for months is finally here.

I’ve been married to the workaholic, medical examiner, Minka Mayet for nearly half a year already. But it took a lost bet and a metric ton of coercion to get her out of her cold office and into a bikini on the deck of a multi-million-dollar boat.

Time well spent, if you ask me.

But we wouldn’t be who we are—me, a homicide cop, and her, a doctor for the dead—if death didn’t follow us across the country.

I’ve placed my wife on a no-work, no-phone ban. All for her own health and well-being. And partially for my own gluttonous desires.
But a dead body has turned up, and poison is the weapon of choice.

Minka is determined to help.
And I… well, I’m determined to keep her naked, sated, and relaxing.

A bet got us here.
Perhaps it’s time to make another to keep her focus squarely on me.

Sinful Summer is the 12th novel in Emilia Finn's Mayet Justice series and can be read as a standalone.

Sinful Sorrow

Mayet Justice



Tulips and Lost Time

Luca Lenaghan



My name is Luc Lenaghan, and I’m a man who knows mistakes.

I’m especially skilled at making them.
Bathing in them.
Compounding them.

But hell, being an expert in the matter means I know how to spot the opposite, too.

Kari Macchio was the girl I met when she was only seven.
We kissed when she was eighteen.
We committed to each other when she was twenty four.
And we married when she was twenty eight.

Unfortunately, she was the woman I destroyed when she was thirty.

Like I said. Mistakes.
I’m good at making those.

Tulips and Lost Time is a single (male) POV, spicy book written for existing fans of Emilia Finn. All attempts were made to ensure the story stands alone, but numerous references exist from earlier books that may be confusing to new readers.

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