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Battle Scars

Gilded Knights



They call him Romeo—though no one would accuse him of being a romantic.

Troy ‘Romeo’ Rosa has been a mystery for years.
A mercenary used to working away and taking orders from his tutu wearing, ruthlessly savage boss.
Her domineering ways mean his most recent assignment should be a walk in the park. The last thing he expects is a family so corrupt, it may destroy Checkmate from the inside out.

Troy’s target is a mafia princess.
She’s the heiress to an empire that profits from the horrors forced upon the vulnerable.

After a carefully orchestrated attack on their home, her criminal father insists on hiring someone from outside the organization to protect his most valuable acquisition—her.
They think they’re getting a soldier, but the man who arrives for the job comes with his own agenda—bring down this empire and put an end to the damage they do to women all over the world.

If Troy’s target should prove to be too difficult: bed her.
If she gets too close to discovering Troy's true identity: put a bullet between her eyes and get out of Dodge.

But what happens when secrets are revealed that have the power to break the Checkmate family?
And worse; what the hell is Troy to do when he falls for the mafioso’s daughter?

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