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Crash & Burn

Lost Boys



Axel Feeney is the youngest firefighter in his crew, and also my boss’ brother. He’s a risk taker who carries no fear.

Or so I thought.

When one of his squad perish in the line of duty, what was once his mission to keep me safe turns into an obsession that breaks our hearts and whatever chance we had for a happily ever after.

Axel’s attempt to keep me at arm’s length is torturous, but before the dust settles, and I get a chance to collect the pieces of my shattered heart, he skips town, leaving everything and everyone he knows behind.

Move on, he says.

Date someone else.

So why, when I do precisely that, does he stroll back into town months later, angry and dangerous, and demanding a seat at the table with my date and me?

Is Axel responsible for my new beau’s burned out truck and charred house? Or is the villain in my story also the hero?

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