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Sinful Deceit

Mayet Justice



History doesn’t always stay buried.
And loyalty isn’t always given freely.

It’s the winter of 1986, and Holly Wade is a blushing bride on the cusp of the perfect life with the perfect man.
I do’s are spoken. Promises are exchanged. And lifetimes are planned.

It all seems so picturesque on the outside. But just three weeks after that day, Holly’s car ends up beneath a semi truck, and her body, soon transported to the George Stanley medical examiner’s office.

Thirty-six years later, Holly’s file is dropped onto Detective Archer Malone’s desk, and her bones: on my table inside Autopsy Room One.

My husband is a homicide detective. And I, the chief medical examiner lucky enough to work by his side as we bring killers to justice and peace to victims who’ve been wronged.

But with family pulling us one way, and our careers demanding more than ever, we soon realize, something has to give.
Danger is close, and bullet wounds bring us both pain.

Can a couple newlyweds weather this kind of storm and come out stronger on the other side?

Sinful Deceit is the fifth book in a fresh new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

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