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Bishop men are nothing but a plague on this planet, a disease that needs eradication before it spreads.

They’re murderers. Liars. Thieves.

The day I met Colum Bishop, I thought my life was finally turning around. I was led to believe he would be our saviour. He was supposed to be our hero, a long awaited reprieve from the hardships life insisted on throwing at my mom and me. But in reality, he was the beginning of the very end.

Instead of accepting us, he destroyed us.
Instead of saving us, he had us murdered.

But before my final moments, I met a girl. My only ally in a savage war that would eventually end my life.
Elizabeth Tate was the first and last thought that passed through my mind as I lay in an alleyway and finally closed my eyes.

It’s ironic, really, that my name is Gunner Bishop. That makes me his heir, I suppose. But the Bishop kingdom is nothing to aspire toward.

I was born to be great, but my name makes it impossible.

I was born to lead, but my father made sure I wouldn’t grow to lead him.

I have just two more Bishops to take care of, and then I can rest knowing my mother’s death wasn’t in vain.

From a child in alleyway, I must shed and eradicate the filth my name implies, then I’ll emerge amongst the flames and rule the empire I was destined to lead.

I truly hope Libby’s loyalties are not with the man she calls Uncle.

Checkmate is the 8th and final instalment in the Checkmate Series.
Please note, reader discretion is advised. Book includes scenes of violence and sexual assault.

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