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Finding Hope

Rollin On



Professional fighter and undisputed champion of the world, twenty-five-year-old Jack Reilly is back for the final instalment of the Rollin On series.

Like many love stories, boy meets girl.
Girl grudgingly agrees to a date.
Boy sits through cringeworthy sex talk.
Boy and girl live happily ever after.

For Jack, those were the good old days when life was simple and his biggest hurdle was finding time to study when he’d rather train at his brother’s gym or hang out with his girlfriend.

Now Jack’s a man, and Steph is more than a freckle faced teen silenced by shyness. With championship titles to win and endorsement deals to fulfil, this power couple have their whole lives laid out ahead of them.
And it looks so promising.
Because there’s always an until.
There’s only so much pain a man can take in one lifetime.
In one single day, a chain reaction set off by another man brings Jack’s end hurtling down on the whole family.

A man at the bottom has only two choices; he can stay down and tap out, or he can get up and come out swinging.
Finding Hope is the long awaited and eagerly anticipated final chapter of the Rollin On Series.
The boy we met five books ago is finally a man.

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