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The Fiera Reign




The queen has been slain, a traitor has been slaughtered, and a prophecy is determined to bring an entire kingdom to its knees.

My wife, Queen Tallulah Aurelia Della Katarina Noble, trusted her soldiers. 

She trusted me. 

But ultimately, the reign a backstabber attempted to end may perish because of my own selfish actions.

It was never supposed to go down this way. Tully and I wanted love. Marriage. Peace for our world.

We wanted to be together, selflessly for the next four hundred years.

Eventually, we would think about having children, to furthering our bloodline and ensuring the prosperity of our people.

But not like this.

Not at the cost of Tully’s life.

The witches have given us a recipe, a potion that’ll solve all my problems. And though Roman DeLuca and I could never be accused of being friendly, on this one important point, we agree:

For Tully to live, the child must die.

The Fiera Reign is the final instalment in the highly anticipated trilogy by best selling romance author, Emilia Finn.

This book is not intended to be read as a stand-alone.

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