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Pure Chemistry

Gilded Knights



I’ve never wished for a knight in shining armor before, but today might be the day I let go of that pigheadedness and accept a little help.

I’m a biochemist with a dream to cure cancer, but in my quest to save lives, I may be the reason thousands die.

My candy cane scented drug brings pain relief to the sick, and energy to those still fighting the devastating disease, but with a dangerous cartel getting their hands on my recipe, I may lose everything I love when the youth of my city begin dropping dead within hours of ingesting the new party drug being handed out in clubs.

I want to fix the problem I created, but with all my downtime hogged by the tall, dark, and dangerous Corey Rosa, and a deadly army of foot soldiers tracking me down to fix the recipe they messed up, I might have run out of time.

I’m not done spending time with Corey yet, but the choice may be taken out of our hands before either of us are ready to say goodbye.

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