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Underbelly Enchanted



He’s New York’s deadliest enforcer. But I’m the villain in this story.

Micah Malone is the son of a notoriously cruel, and thankfully dead, mafia boss.
Now he’s the organization’s enforcer, and right hand to his brother’s reign.

He’s the broadest of five boys.
The quietest.
And the deadliest.

Yet, even with his blade pressed to my throat, he’s still the only man who makes me feel alive

It’s toxic and dangerous to pursue a relationship with him.
I know better.

But Micah is like a flame, burning bright in the night. And I’m more scared of the dark, than of the monsters who hide amongst the shadows.

I won’t count on surviving the city’s most ruthless assassin. Not once he decides my time is up. But I’m confident any evening spent in his bed will be worth it.

Diamond In The Rough is the second spicy instalment in the Underbelly Enchanted series and includes dark mafia themes, groveling, on page t0rture, open door filth, touch her and... vibes, and an ending that’ll leave you breathless.

This is love in a deadly world—gritty, f0rbidden, and ultimately, with an expiry date.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.

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