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Stacked Deck



She was everything Ben ever wanted. But time, distance, and jealousy made it impossible.

Now they’re adults, Evie is back in town after college graduation, and Ben never once let go of what he knew was meant to be.

Back together in the gym where it all began, Ben and Evie train hard and create sparks that will either start a brand new blaze, or an out of control wildfire that destroys everything in its path.

Preparing for the biggest fights of their lives, training to ensure they’re the best, and rekindling something hot and destined takes a lot of work, but this couple is in it to win.

Failure is not an option.

Strap in for what early readers are dubbing “original, Emilia Finn sports romance perfection." Get ready for this adrenaline rush, fast paced race to the finals of the first ever Stacked Deck tournament.

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