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Rise of the King




Eighteen months ago, my world was tossed upside down amid horrified screams and merciless hellfire. I was thrown into the flames to burn alive, but now I stand on the other side, invincible, untouchable, and un-f*cking-beatable.

Today, the ID in my wallet says John D. Hamilton. It’s the name I go by, the name the beautiful brunette sitting alone in Ginnie’s diner knows me as.

I was an undercover cop, once. A decorated agent who slid from my throne and descended into a world of pain and darkness.

Then came Sophia Solomon, the light in my dark, the miracle who walks past my door and lends a little warmth in the dead of winter.

Sophia‘s beauty steals the breath from my lungs. She draws me in just by existing, but she doesn’t know my secrets.

I wasn’t born with the first name John, but then again, I wasn’t born a cocaine addict either, but here we are and both are true.

Now I’m on a mission to find the man that had me killed.

Rise Of The King is a Checkmate Series suspenseful romance. It’s a compete standalone and has no cliffhanger. New readers can start here. But beware, not everything is as it seems.

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