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Sinful Chaos

Mayet Justice



By day, I’m the chief medical examiner for Copeland City.
The rest of the time, I am a mafioso’s son’s wife.

I married a cop who was once a criminal, but despite the seriousness of our job titles, when it’s just Archer and me, we luxuriate in the newness of our marriage.
Steaming romance, sizzling touches, and secret adventures only we know about.

But now, Archer’s father is dying. He’s in his final days, and time is running out.

With a body whose organs were harvested in a shady back alley deal in one autopsy room, and a little girl in another, my time is stretched dangerously thin.

I can’t catch my breath, and I sure as hell don't know which direction to look… but it all gets so much worse when New York demands my husband's return.

Or else.

Sinful Chaos is the sixth book in a sizzling new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

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