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Sinful Promise

Mayet Justice



Sometimes cops are killers.
Doctors are hunters.
Sharpshooters are bodyguards.
And ballerinas rule them all.

That’s my life in Copeland City.

I’m Chief Medical Examiner Minka Mayet, and Archer Malone is my husband.

He’s also a homicide detective.

Together, we work hard to bring peace to the victims of violent crime, and we consider it a good day when we can stop perpetrators before they hurt again.

But what happens when a monster is released back onto the streets and the law simply won’t lock him up the traditional way?

Laramie Fentone has a new target in his sights, and no inclination to stop what he does.

He’s proud of the damage he causes to the innocent, and confident the cops won’t step in his way.

It’s been months since the Copeland City Vigilante has had to take matters into their own hands.

But today may be the day that changes.

Here’s hoping Archer doesn’t solve his new case too easily.

Sinful Promise is the seventh book in a sizzling new suspense series written by Emilia Finn. This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

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