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Rewriting You




I’m a mom to teenagers…
I’m also my late husband’s executioner.
He was an abusive man on the fast track to devastation. He hung me from a fancy chandelier to die.

Had my saviours driven the long way home, I wouldn’t be here today to tell my story.

It’s been a long road since then, but my children and I have finally moved back to town.
It’s time to lay some ghosts to bed.
It’s time to truly thank my heroes.
It’s time to start living again.
My name is Lindsi Conner, and it’s time to rewrite my story.
Cocky? Check!
Handsome? Double check!
Free spirited and loving it? Check, check, check.
My name is Oscar Franks – Deputy Oscar Franks – and I love my life exactly the way it is.
I’m thirty-six years old and single by choice. I don’t need complications in my life.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself, anyway. That was until she came to town.

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