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Stacked Deck



Tucker Morris - affectionately known by his most annoying friends as Chuck Norris - is a lover, not a fighter.

He’s a charmer, with a fast tongue and equal wit. Mechanic by day, motorcycle racer by night, Tucker is magic with his hands, and makes a hobby out of sliding filthy innuendo into as many conversations as he possibly can.

His easygoing manner means he’s able to meet a woman between the sheets, have his fun, then let her go.

It’s a catch and release system he’s enjoyed for years.

But that’s all about to change.

A chance meeting, a savage dog attack, a loaded gun or two, and a whole heap of bad attitude, sees Tucker meeting the one woman he can’t quite find it in his heart to release.

Nora is damaged goods. She’s quiet, undemanding, and enjoys the exclusive company of her Great Dane, a bar of chocolate, and Netflix reruns. Past trauma and the brutal murder of her big sister means Nora doesn’t trust men, especially not the kind she finds in the dark. So what happens when Tucker refuses to step aside and leave her be?

The handsome stranger terrifies her, and yet, Tucker is terrified that if she doesn’t give him a second glance, they might miss out on something special.

BLUFF is a fast paced ride through the backstreets of our favorite town on a beat up motorcycle. This newest instalment in the bestselling Stacked Deck series is heart wrenching, healing, and shows that former monsters can become present day heroes.

But first, Tucker needs to call Nora’s bluff and get her to trust. If only once.

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