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Full House

Stacked Deck



Miles “Iowa” Walker is a fighter on a mission.

He’s determined to win this year’s Stacked Deck tournament. He plans to get his six-year-old daughter out of a bad situation. And if there’s any time and money leftover, he’d love to take her out for ice cream without worrying about the cost or deadly consequences.

Miles and his daughter have known only what it’s like to struggle. So when his famous fighting hero pulls him aside and offers him the deal of a lifetime, it would be stupid to turn him down.

A new town. A new life. A new adventure.

Miles and Alyssa are on their way, and they’re ready for the rest of their lives to begin.


Brooklyn Kincaid is a dreamer. A romantic. A hopeless optimist. And to make things more complicated, has the potent, high octane, zero-room-for-compromise Kincaid blood running through her veins.

Just like her daddy, and his daddy before him, Brooke knows who her heart yearns for. So when someone threatens those she considers family, she’s the first to tie her hair back and go to war for those that hold her heart.

Full House is a high energy read that’ll have readers swooning on one page, wanting to hug a beautiful 6 year old on the next, only to flip to another and find their kindles on fire from the heat this couple creates.

Strap in and prepare for another Stacked Deck rollercoaster.

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