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Lost Boys



Cole Miller is a good-for-nothing nobody who skulks around dark alleyways and makes money by boosting cars from those more fortunate than he.

He’s the unwanted child of a couple of deadbeats, so he never truly understood what family meant until he stumbled onto a treasure far more valuable than the GT he’s supposed to steal from the heavyweight world champion.

Maya Blake, on the other hand, is the daughter of high flying shark lawyers. She has a hefty trust fund coming her way, the world at her feet, and a fresh new dream job only days from starting.

Raised a good, obedient girl, Maya’s world is turned on it’s head when the mysterious newcomer takes an interest in her.

Maya and Cole couldn’t be more opposite, but what begins as a ‘job’ for Cole becomes so much more, and when Maya finds herself in danger, the protective stranger she once considered a nuisance might be the difference between life and death when his enemies come looking to settle a score.

MISTAKE is a sizzling new romance set in our favorite fighter town. Fans of Emilia Finn will get to revisit with old friends, while new readers can dive in and meet the family in this complete standalone story.

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