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Safe Haven

Gilded Knights



Safe Haven is the 6th and final book in the Gilded Knights series.Tyler Madden is a mystery, a sentinel passing through town and sticking to the shadows.

He’s unforgettable to those who want to know him, but he prefers the darkness, and regularly seeks anonymity.

It’s how he keeps his younger siblings safe and off the radar of those who may come looking.
Kaia and Louie are not his by law. He stole them the moment they left the womb, which means if they’re discovered by the wrong people, everything they’ve worked so hard for will come undone.

Arlo Reynolds is loud and goofy. She knows every resident in town, inserts herself in everyone’s business, and isn’t fearful of being the center of attention.

But since Tyler refuses to step outside his carefully constructed four walls and join her in the real world of lust, laughter, and a sizzling affair, she drags him out against his will.

He deserves happiness and a woman who makes his blood run hot, but could a single night with her be the reason everything is destroyed?

Join us on one last Gilded Knights adventure in this action-packed, lust-filled, sass-mouthed, tear jerker.

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