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Chasing Fire

Gilded Knights



Though he’s the youngest of five brothers, Lieutenant Nixon Rosa is the protector of his family. He isn’t afraid of the heat, and when he’s working as a small town fire fighter, he’s always the first on site, and once his crew is safe and accounted for, the last to leave.

But what happens when he meets Idalia Mazzi, the Italian beauty with too much baggage and a little boy who suffers from a traumatic past?

Idalia has a hotel to run, business to see to, and a high-needs son to care for. She has zero interest in a hotdogging fire chaser who’s quick to smile, and even quicker to tempt fate.
Idalia would rather be alone than date a man who seeks danger on a daily basis. But fate has a way of stepping in and pushing a single mom in the direction she had no clue she needed to go.

The problem is, Idalia isn't sure she can trust her heart to a man a second time, when she’s already been burned in the past.


The Gilded Knights Series follows the Rosa family; five brothers, and their baby sister, Abigail, who we met in Winner Takes All (Checkmate Series).

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