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William Quinn was labeled a killer years ago. The accusations were false... until now. Forced to choose between an innocent and a monster, he made a quick decision. Now he’s running from the law, leaving behind the woman he’d kill for.

Olivia Conner is a princess in every meaning of the word. Protected by militant security, world champion fighters, law enforcement, and a murderous mother willing to do anything to keep her children safe, Livi's pedestal is far too high for Will to reach... or so she’d like everyone to think.

Will has been gone a long time, but some temptations prove too much. And even knowing it won’t end well won’t stop him, because cockiness is his crown, and he wears it like a king.

ELEUSIS is a story full of secrets, murder, innocence, and craving the one thing you can’t have. Dive into this action-packed star-crossed romance today, and fall head over heels in love with someone you really shouldn’t.

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