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Castling the Rook




Junior, baby-faced, rookie – Riley Cruz has heard it all. The youngest police recruit in town, Riley is thirty-one years old, but is constantly overlooked because of his youthful features and habit to keep his mouth shut when everyone else is loud.

But not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is as innocent as they appear.

Recruited by big players in the law enforcement world and reluctantly thrust onto a team of agents that skirt the edge of what is legal, the innocent cop has to straddle a line between cops and agents, right and wrong, and might possess the darkest secrets of them all.

Riley’s had his eyes on a certain raven-haired beauty since day one, but Andi Conner is a wild horse, apt to run at any moment, and scared of anything that requires more commitment than a one-night-stand.

Riley has to juggle each portion of his life – cops, agents, Andi – and keep them all separate, but when it all blows up, he might just lose everything.

Castling The Rook is part of a duet featuring Andi Conner and Riley Cruz. This is part one. Part two is titled Playing For Keeps.

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