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Pawns in the Bishop's Game




Kane Bishop is a professional enforcer, smuggler, all-around law breaker, and the latest resident of a tiny town hidden by mountains and forest.

His job is to keep his kingpin boss safe and off the local law enforcement's radar.

But when Jessica Lenaghan steps into Kane's world, his protective instincts take a wild one-eighty and his focus shifts to someone other than the man he works for.

Jess is months away from sitting the bar exam, but she has a point to prove: she doesn't always have to be the good, dependable girl in the family.

But dipping her toes into Kane's world turns into something she never anticipated.

When drugs, guns, and wh*res are involved, all bets are off.

Pawns In The Bishop's Game is book 1 in The Checkmate Series, and can be read as a complete Standalone.

This book is intended for an 18+ audience and contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing to readers. Includes drug use, sexual assault, and violent scenes.

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