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Finding Victory

Finding Victory


    Are you ready for more Kit and Bobby?
    Attempted murder. Drug deals gone wrong. Fraudulent insurance claims, and a family reunion she’ll never be invited to again, Kit Reilly’s life has been anything but calm since settling into domesticated life with Bobby Kincaid.
    After almost losing her life at the hands of sadistic family – why must there always be a crazy cousin? – Kit wakes to find the freedom she used to enjoy, gone, and in its place, is a devoted boyfriend who worries so much, she’s barely afforded two-seconds of alone time.
    Bobby should be training to reclaim his title belt, but instead, he’d rather follow Kit’s every move and make sure she’s comfortable and pain-free.
    There is such thing as too much love.
    With a wedding to plan, and a career-making (or destroying) fight Bobby needs to prepare for, the Kincaid household is too busy for secrets in the air.
    But with one single earth-shattering reveal, this tight-knit family will be torn apart.