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Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts


    Lucy “Bean” Kincaid is the quiet one. 

    The sweet one who never creates waves in her already crazy family. 

    She’s the second born of her generation, a skilled fighter, a dancing angel, and as selfless as it’s possible to be. 

    When Mac Blair’s heart gave out seven years ago and he became the recipient of a very special transplant, Lucy changed her life to make sure her best friend’s would be as smooth as possible. 

    Perhaps, if she never knew Mac, her college degree would lean toward the very thing that speaks to her soul. 

    But that’s not her reality. 

    Now Lucy is just a year out from graduation, she’s set to become a nurse, and when she’s not in class, she’s intent on making Mac see her as a woman, and not some kind of ornament made only to look pretty and sit upon a shelf. 

    How many times must she shake her backside in his face before he takes a hint - and a bite?

    Game of Hearts is a friends to lovers, steaming-hot tug of war between what Mac thinks is right, and what he so desperately wants to taste. 

    It’s time Lucy stopped being the quiet one in the family.