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The Tallest Tower

I hate Felix Malone with all my heart and soul.

He’s the second born son of a murderous don.
The newest leader of the Malone mafia family now that his father is dead.
But if I could have hoped a change in management would mean a positive shift for the notorious crime family, then I’m proven wrong as Felix quickly settles into his new role and lays scourge on New York City.

He believes he’s not as bad as the man who came before him, purely because the women he beds survive the night.

But Felix is just a different kind of evil.
All smiles and jokes, drawing women in with his god-like body and trapping them with his roguish charm and fast wit.

But I’m the one woman this devil incarnate won’t woo.

He wants my attention.
I want his head on a spike.

We’re not the same.
And locking me away in the tallest tower proves he cannot be redeemed.

Felix needs to be taught a lesson. And I’m the perfect woman to bring this beast to his knees.

The Tallest Tower is a sizzling hot, forced-proximity, reverse grumpy sunshine contemporary romance, and can be read as a complete standalone.

The Tallest Tower